Changing Skin, Changing Lives

I became a Consultant with R+F and I’m super EXCITED because I’m focusing on building my customer base. The doctors that created Proactiv, created a dermatological skincare line. The amazing thing is, it’s not just aging products, we have four different regimens that attack four of the most prominent skincare issues…dullness and sunspots, acne and acne scarring, sensitive skin, and wrinkles, pores and loss of firmness. I was always so lucky with my skin–never really had to worry about it. No teenage acne, no weird breakouts or blemishes. Then when I hit 45, my skin seemed to rebel and I could not find ANYTHING to solve my weird issues. My friend Tami shared the R+F product line with me and I was hooked. My favorite products are the microdermabrasion paste and the eye cream. I’d love to introduce you to the products. You can use our great Solutions Tool on my website to find out which regimen is right for you! Let me know how I can help you!


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