Everyone’s a character in one way or another and the Diva family’s no exception! 🙂 In case you’re new around here or just need a refresher, here’s the cast of “regular characters”.

ElleBee: That’s me, the Working Diva. I live in a houseful of male characters.. I work full-time as a University Event Coordinator. I love my family to bits and my work keeps me sane.

Diva Husband (DH): Hubs keeps the home fires burning and does a bang-up job. He is a tech whiz, and can fix just about anything. Any man who buys a robot vacuum cleaner (or three) to solve the dust problem, potty trains his kid in two weeks, and doesn’t want to kick me and the clones to the curb is okay in my book!

My Favorite Trumpet Player: Our oldest, born in Y2K. A friend of mine once commented she wanted to have a child born in the year 2000 so she’d never forget their age. I did just that. Hers are a bit younger, but her hubs is a rocket scientist (no, really!), so I’m pretty sure he can figure out their ages.

The Star Wars Lover: Five years younger than his brother, TSWLs singular goal in life is to rule the Dark Side. He looks to Darth Vader as his role model and can slyly weave Star Wars into ANY other story line. He’s entirely too smart for his good.

Grumpasaurus Rex: Born five years after TSWL, GR rounded out our trio of clones (that’s small “c” clone, as in clones of the DH). Not being allowed to do everything his older brothers do irks him to know end. Hence the nickname. He’s also fond of anything Lego-related and shares his older brother’s love of Star Wars.