I love to write. Whether or not I’m good at it is debatable, but I don’t claim to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. My Working Diva persona satisfies the “girly” part of my personality. I’m married to Mr. DIY (seriously, the guy can fix/install/jerry-rig anything) and we have three crazy boys: My Favorite Trumpet Player (a senior in HS), Star Wars Kid (middle school warrior), and Grumpasaurus Rex (elementary school beast). Outside of the home, I work full-time as a university event coordinator at Diva U. I love to craft, cook and clean (okay, so I’m trying to love that last one). I am fiercely loyal to my Alma Mater, Miami University, which, just to clear any confusion, is in Oxford, Ohio. As we always said, “Miami was a university before Florida was a state!”