I recently commented on Facebook that my job is much like childbirth. If women didn’t forget the pain of each birthing experience, the human race would eventually cease to exist.

I know. I birthed three boys. Only once did I have an epidural and it was quite possibly the worst experience of my life.

So childbirth. Like my job. I’m a university event planner. I love what I do. Except when I don’t.

The three weeks between Thanksgiving and our Winter Commencement are, in a word, busy. And I don’t mean busy as in a busy-weekend-three-kids-and-each-0f-them-has-to-be-a-different-place-all-at-3 pm-busy.

I mean busy like our office has a role in literally every single event that takes place on campus. And those three weeks are like every single department perked up and said, “Huh. The semester’s almost over. And we still have thirty-five-eleven meetings to get through. And we need to schedule our holiday party. And the honors assembly. And the donor dinner. And we forgot to schedule our event for the first week back in January.

And don’t forget the department that absolutely MUST plan the conference that is scheduled for March. Two years from now.

It’s a bit crazy. Much like my life with three children. When we were a family of three I thought my life was busy.

Then we became a family of four. With a dog.

And then Little Darth was born. Somehow along the way I forgot about the pain and the busyness.

And life was good. Because the busyness fades into peace. And the crazy gives way to calm.

And you realize that you are grateful for it all.