Unconditional Love

I have a friend who, in his motivational/educational presentations, would often bring up his dogs. He used them as examples of unconditional love. You know, always excited to see you arrive home after a long day. Thrilled when you show them any sort of attention. Allow the children to swipe their treats without fear of death. Refrain from smothering you in your sleep when you insist on dressing them like humans.

You get the idea.

Now, his dogs, you must understand, were Mastiffs. If you’re from my generation, you’ll forever associate that particular dog with Hooch. That breed’s idea of unconditional love involves lots and lots of dog slobber. While I’ve heard they are loyal, loveable dogs, all that dog spit grosses me out. I have enough bodily fluids in my life with three boys. I don’t need it from my canine companion as well.

Apparently, though, our very own Princess (the Wonder Dog) is a great example of unconditional love as well. She puts up with the “love” that The Manimal and Little Darth dish out, and she even forgives Little Darth when he runs off with her beef-flavored “bones”. They share their food with her, and she, as I explained to a very mortified Manimal, shares her *ahem* treats with us…

If you’re eating right now, you may want to look away…

I’m warning you, it’s not pretty…



Sorry for the quality, but trust me when I tell you that you wouldn’t have appreciated a clearer shot.

Yes, Princess (the Wonder Dog) brought us a bird. Thankfully, she’d already put the poor thing out of its misery by the time she made it to our living room. Even more thankfully, it was The Manimal who discovered it, rather than Little Darth.

This unconditional love thing is more disgusting than I thought.


One thought on “Unconditional Love

  1. My fat cat Henry does this! He will catch a mouse and bring it up to the back door, just to let me see it before he eats it. Whole. He just wants to be praised. It’s pretty sweet. 🙂

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