A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I first met Viv in elementary school. She was sweet and funny, and loved Journey. A year behind me in school, I was a sophomore when she joined us at the local Catholic high school. She joined marching band, and quickly became known as “Shutterbug”, because she was ALWAYS taking pictures. Did I mention she still loved Journey?

When I graduated from high school, I went to Miami University as a music major and joined the Miami Marching Band. Lo and behold, the next year, after her own high school graduation, Viv came to Miami and joined the band as well. She was still the same sweet and funny flute player, with her camera in hand. And she still loved Journey.

We lost touch after college, but reconnected, as many have, on Facebook. One of the things I learned about her after reconnecting on Facebook was her commitment to causes near and dear to her heart. For the past several years, she has raised money for mental health awareness through the NAMI Walks program. She also loves her furry creatures, and has donated countless hours as a pet foster parent and helped raise money for the Stray and Feral Rescue program in her hometown.

She still loves Journey, and recently, has been on a whirlwind journey of her own. Like so many, Viv lost her job when the economy went south. Always the worker bee, though, she’s put her photography talents to use creating “video scrapbooks” and DVDs for friends and family. She was hired by a temp
agency earlier this fall, and things were finally looking up for her. Unfortunately, she was in a car accident in October, severely damaging her vehicle, and leaving her out of work (no wheels=no job!). While insurance is trying to take care of things, it’s VERY SLOOOOOOWWWW, and since she was employed for less than thirty days with the temp agency, there’s not going to be a lot of “lost wages”.

So now, in addition to no job, she is in danger of becoming homeless as well. She’s doing everything she can to raise money so she can stay in her apartment (where she’s lived for 17 years!) and find a job with a regular paycheck. She’s offering to make yummy baked goods, wonderful video scrapbooks, wedding guestbooks, whatever it takes. If you’re interested in one for the holidays, check out “Viv’s Scrapbook/Slideshow DVD Creations” on Facebook. She’d love to make one for you!

That’s the kind of girl Viv has always been…whatever it takes. If you know her, you know what I mean!

I wondered what I could do to help Viv through this rough part of her own journey. Then I found this site called “Chipin“, where you can create fundraisers of your own, and an idea was born. I know everyone’s been affected by the economy, some of us more than others. But we ARE in the season of giving. Wouldn’t it be nice to take care of a friend (or friend of a friend, if you haven’t had the privilege of knowing Viv)?

Viv has absolutely NO idea that I’m doing this. Or at least she won’t until she sees the post on Facebook. And she’ll be the first to tell you that she’d rather make something for you to buy than just have you give money outright. But when you’re in dire straits, sometimes you just have to rely on the kindness of strangers and friends, and trust that God will bring you through the worst.

$1, $5, $10 or more will help get my friend Viv back on her feet. You can click on the widget code–silly WordPress won’t accept regular widgets– in the sidebar or go to my Chipin Page for Friends of Viv. The money (less the PayPal fee) will go right into her PayPal account to help pay her back rent and expenses from the accident.

And if anyone is in the Twin Cities area of MN and knows of a job, Viv is a super-hard worker with a Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University. You can contact her at: luvjrny4ever (at) yahoo (dot) com. She’s got office experience, teaching experience, and experience as a mobile DJ.

And she still loves Journey.

4 thoughts on “A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  1. Thank you for posting this. I didn’t know about Viv’s car accident until now! So sorry Viv & I hope you are ok. I just literally got home from the hospital within the last 1/2 hr or so: went via ambulance Sat eve & had my gall bladder out Mon night. Unfortunately I can’t help with $ (hospital just filled out forms for me, to hopefully get assistance from the state & Fairview this aft). But I love you & hope you will be able to stay in your apt! I hate that we live in a country which says it’s ok for anyone to be homeless or hungry or without access to health care, when there’s plenty of $ to take care of everyone’s needs! We need ROBIN HOOD. Only not to “rob from the rich” as the saying goes. That implies the rich had the right to the $ in the first place. We need Robin Hood to take back what should never have been taken BY the rich in the first place. The rich decided how much they “earned” and how much all of us “earned” (did you, low or middle income earner, decide that you earned $4.65/hr or 8.00/hr or that the Koch Bros each earned billions/yr?). Love you Viv and as always you are free to call me any time. If I think of any way you can get help I will let you know. Hugs.

  2. THANKS to Lisa for coming up with this online fundraising idea! It was all her idea + I didn’t know about it, until I saw it in my Facebook news feed yesterday morning! I’ve already xferred the donated money to my bank account + hope to access it Monday or Tues, so I can make another paymet on my rent.

    And just to clarify a few things: The $3,000+ damage to my due to car accident has been repaired via car insurance. Gene, who runs Stray Feral Rescue, was able to raise $250 within 12hrs so I could pay my deductible to get my car out. However, the day before the accident, I found out I have maintenance repairs that need to be done asap…nothing major but all of the repairs add up to over $500 but a mechanic friend can do some of the repairs, if I can come up w/money to buy the parts.
    Also, luckily I do have Lost Wages converage via car insurance company. Unfortunately, it can take 30 for them to process this + to make matters worse, my employment company held up the process for almost 2 weeks, then asked car insurance company to mail $15 check for the employment verification information. Still waiting to hear back from laywer’s office, as to current status of Lost Wages,etc.
    I had started a full-time temporary 2 month job the day after the accident, but had to resign the following Monday, as I knew I would be consumed with taking care of phone calls, paperwork ,health issues (turns out I had back sprain, neck sprain,etc) & stress of dealing w/fallout from car accident. Also, my chiropractor put me “off work” due to car accident, so I’m not able to get back on Unemployment right now. But my chiropractor will be typing up a letter stating that I can work w/restrictions but I need to keep it to a customer service desk job, as he advised retail work(like seasonal part-time) would not be acceptable.
    For right now, my phone, internet + cable are temporarily suspended but I hope to get to library each day until I can get everything turned back on within next 9 days.
    THANKS again for everyone’s support! When you have *no* income, even $1 or $5 means the world!!!
    Copious expressions of innumerable sentiments replete w/appreciativeness!! In other words, Many Thanks!!! –Got this off of a card a long time ago! Don’t Stop Believin’ + Jrny On!! Viv

  3. I just wanted to add, that people can verify that my current financial situation is legitimate by contacting The Law Offices of Martineau, Gonko + Vavreck via 1-877-659-9500, 651-659-9500 or fax 612-659-9200 or email paralegal Stacie Jarvey via sjarvey (at) mgvlawfirm (dot) com

  4. CORRECTION to phone #s: To *verify* that my current financial situation is legitimate, you can contact The Law Offices of Martineau, Gonko + Vavreck via 1-877-659-9500, 612-659-9500 or fax 612-659-9200 or email paralegal Stacie Jarvey via sjarvey@mgvlawfirm.com + refer to Viv Henry Friendship Fund(online ) in your correspondence….Thanks!

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