[Insert Catchy Summertime Song Title Here]

I’m shocked that I have ANY readers left, but my site stats page does show that a couple of you are still left. I’m pretty sure that even my mom hasn’t checked in a while, but God bless whoever’s still out there!

August 12th. Seriously? Where the heck did the summer go? Let’s see…

On June 24, we dropped The Tweenager off at camp for six weeks. Yeah, I know. Six weeks, long time, uniforms, marching. What can I say? He LOVES it!

While he was gone, we made a couple of trips to visit him. The Manimal and Little Darth spent the night at Nana & Papa’s house while Mommy pretended to be a college student again at her alma mater’s Alumni Weekend. Little Darth mastered the stairs. The Manimal, Little Darth and Daddy swam in the pool. A. LOT. Mommy, Little Darth and The Manimal went on a couple of picnics and made a few trips to the Splash Pad. The Manimal spent a WHOLE WEEK BY HIMSELF at Camp NanaPapa, during which time Daddy turned his room into a Star Wars Paradise. Daddy also painted and cleaned The Tweenager’s room (aka “The Black Hole”), much to the delight of aforementioned Tweenager.

We made one last trip to camp to pick up The Tweenager on August 5. Since then, we attended a family picnic, took in a local festival, and swam some more. The Tweenager tried out for soccer at the middle school and is learning how to be a trumpet player. The Manimal is readjusting to life with a big brother.

School starts in a little over a week.

I think I need a vacation.


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