Customer Dis-Service

I’m a stickler for customer service. Having worked in the foodservice and retail industries for several years (under excellent managers), I recognize good service, and reward it when I can.

I also have been known to make quite a stink when I don’t get good customer service.

I start out very calm. I state my case, explaining how I feel I’ve been “wronged”. I tell them what I need and how they can remedy the situation. Usually, it gets resolved fairly simply and with great apologies. It’s sort of a running joke in my family that if someone needs a complainer who gets results, they call me.

Occasionally, my calm demeanor fails me, but I try not to let that happen too often. I’m pretty good at conveying my dissatisfaction in such a way that the poor Customer Service Rep (waitress, store associate, sales clerk) fears for their life because I’m so even-keeled and calm.

You know how it is, right? You drop your voice a couple of decibels so they ALMOST have to strain to hear you. You speak in calm, dulcet tones that imply  if they don’t solve your (currently simple) problem right.now. you’ll likely go postal on their…


Consumer complaining has definitely taken a whole new twist with the advent of social media. Bloggers, Tweeters and Facebookers have a somewhat captive audience on whom to vent their frustrations. And apparently, businesses are listening.

One of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster, has a very popular blog, out of which grew her wildly successful books. Jen is known for her snarkiness, but also for her brutal honesty.

Recently, she wrote about her experience with a particular retailer and swimsuits. Her customer (dis) service experience led to the loss of a TWENTY-FIVE year relationship with that retailer. Sadly, I’ve heard from several friends that this company’s service (on which they’d built a great reputation), took a nosedive when they were acquired by a major retailer.

Love her take on social media and customer (dis) service rants. Definitely worth your time and she says it so much better than I.

Much Ado About a Suit…

Jen Lancaster is my customer (dis) service rant hero.


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