Don’t blink!

I had great intentions about posting more regularly on my blog. But you know what they say about a certain road being paved with good intentions. Anyway, I blinked and I’m pretty sure that I missed the entire month of May and we jumped right from Winter into Summer.

Suddenly I’m mom to a middle schooler, a kindergartner and an eight-and-a-half month-old toddler wannabe. I won’t bore you with the details of how that happened, but I know blog readers LOVE pictures, so here’s how things went down…

First, The Manimal graduated from Preschool.

Since I want to keep things light and fun here, I won’t share my (very strong) feelings about how graduations should be reserved for actual “end points” in one’s educational career or go into a rant about the insanity of putting preschoolers in caps and gowns, having a village trustee address the “graduates” and giving them certificates signed by the mayor.

For real.

Instead, here’s our little man getting his certificate.

And of course, once he had it, he figured out several new uses for it.

A telescope.

A horn.

A Chinese Finger Puzzle.

And perhaps, the use most true to his Star Wars loving personality, a light sabre.

Next up was the ever popular “non graduation” Fifth Grade Awards Ceremony. The Tweenager was thrilled to be there.

I did manage to catch an elusive smile here and there, but I was beaming as he received his awards: A/B Honor Roll, Art Award and a Music Award. He’s off to camp in less than two weeks, and can’t wait.

Which, by process of elimination, brings us to the toddler wannabe, Little Darth. While all babies are inquisitive, this one’s got two older brothers and refuses to be held back by silly old facts like his inability to walk or talk. He can get into mischief with the best of them.

He’s started with this tongue thing which totally cracks us up. Somehow it also makes mischief look darn cute.

He’s discovered Princess the Wonder Dog and they’re rapidly becoming best buds. Here he’s checking out her toes. Or plotting to take over the world. We’re not really sure.

And that’s how it is in the Diva Home right now. A bit of this, a bit of that, and a little summer insanity thrown in for good measure. I’m off this weekend to my alma mater for Alumni Weekend and my (gasp) 20 year college reunion.


I keep feeling like I blinked and missed a few years. Or maybe I fell asleep in 1991 and woke up 20 years later married and a mom of three boys.

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