For the uninformed readers, that would be “Not So Much National Blog Posting Month”. In which bloggers attempt to blog every day of the month, but it doesn’t quite happen. The weekend simply got away from me, but I’m going to look at Saturday and Sunday as simply blips on the blogging radar.

Back to business.

The Tweenager has an awesome teacher this year. He’s had a few really good teachers since kindergarten. I was thrilled when I heard that this year’s teacher has developed a reputation for being the “tough one” at the fifth grade level.

He was less than thrilled, but it has all worked out.

The Awesome Ms. A. has been great about keeping us up-to-date on his progress. He has some difficulty with organization and writing (the creation of documents, not the actual handwriting…except that I can barely read it, but that’s another story), and after two years of continuous questioning of the teachers and school (and with the help of another awesome teacher in third grade), I finally managed to get some answers and assistance.

So beginning last year, he was able to get additional instruction from the “specials” teachers. Of course, with all of the bureaucratic bu!!sh!t craziness in our academic system, he had to get “labeled” to get additional assistance. So he did.

“Non-specified learning disability.”

A non-specific label which requires the district to create a specific Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for him. Okay, so the process was tedious and irritating and brought up all kinds of rants from me as to what is wrong with our public school system, but I was able to get my kid the assistance he needs to succeed.

And we’re fortunate that he has a teacher who sees education as a partnership with the parents.

Three cheers for The Awesome Ms. A.! I wonder if she’d consider moving to the middle school with us? 🙂


2 thoughts on “NoSoMuNaBloPoMo

  1. Lisa,
    Give me a call sometime. I can give lots of input on this in dealing with the schools on Elementary through High School. It can get tedious at times but nothing like a revved up Mama!
    Take Care,

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