Wintry Mix

I’m ready for winter to be over and done. A White Christmas is lovely. White January, notsomuch.

DH, on the other hand, would love a blizzard. He feels a bit gypped that we in Chicago haven’t had a “good snow” yet this season. Oh sure, we’ve had “several inches”, but for the most part, it’s been a series of “nuisance snows”. For those of you who don’t receive snow on a regular basis, a nuisance snow is just what it sounds like. Anything from a dusting to a few inches, basically just enough to screw with traffic, but not enough to call off school or have a good snowball fight.

Last night, on his show, Stephen Colbert talked about the “thundersnow” that hit NYC, which piqued my husband’s interest. Now he wants one.

The other day, after points eastward were nailed yet again, and Windy City weathermen were predicting an inch or two, DH asked “WTH?! Two lousy inches?! Where’s MY blizzard?!”

Remain calm, dear. The only blizzards we’re expecting will be from Dairy Queen.


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