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Tomorrow the Diva Home will have a five year-old in residence. A very headstrong five year-old. A Star Wars-obsessed five year old. A middle child, big brother, little brother five year-old.

Tomorrow I will wax maternal about said five year-old. But today? Today is for some maternal ranting calm venting about the preparations for turning five.

Two days ago, in a fit of temporary insanity a loving attempt to give DH some quiet time, I took ALL THREE boys to the Evil Empire to purchase birthday supplies. I purchased the following:

Star Wars Paper Plates
Star Wars Paper Napkins
Star Wars Plastic Cups
Star Wars Party Horns
Star Wars Goody Bags (empty)
Mini Chocolate Bars
Novelty Sunglasses
Glow-In-the-Dark Straws
Happy Face Erasers
Activity Books
Mario Bros. Fruit Snacks
Chicago Bears T-Shirt (not for the party–for The Tweenager to wear to school in advance recognition of the Bears beating the Packers on Sunday)
A bottle of wine (again, not for the party–for me–for surviving the trip)

When we got home, I pulled out the Bears T-Shirt and bottle of wine (Beringer Moscato, thankyouverymuch). I told The Tweenager to take the shirt upstairs and I put all of the birthday supplies in bags up high. The Manimal was very upset that he couldn’t “try out” the party horns first.

I poured myself a glass of wine.

Last night, I assembled TWENTY-FOUR little goody bags. As I was putting them together, The Manimal came in and said “Why are these STAR WARS bags?! I didn’t want STAR WARS bags!!”

I poured myself a glass of wine.

This morning, we packed up the 24 goody bags and stopped at the Jewel on the way to preschool to pick up 24 birthday cupcakes and beverages (apple juice and orange juice as requested by the (Almost) Birthday Monster Boy). Then we went to preschool. I walked in and he floated in, gushing something about cupcakes and goody bags. He seemed to have forgotten that they were Star Wars bags.

I had to settle for coffee instead of wine.

Tomorrow we’re having our family birthday celebration. The Lawyer, Diva SIL and their three boys are joining us. Their three boys, our three boys, and one very hyper dog.

There will be wine.



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