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Manic Monday

Some of my favorite blog reads come from links that other bloggers provide. I’ve also found some great information when friends say “you should check this out.” So today, because my brain is a little more addled than normal, I’d like to share some links. Fun, informative and perhaps just plain crazy.

My dear friend started a new blog last month, after receiving a copy of Veganomicon. She is a self-proclaimed “crunchy momma” who loves her hubby, her four kiddos and her Jesus. She’s talented in so many ways and works hard to provide the healthiest meals possible for her family. Her new blog “The Selective Omnivore” offers her take on some yummy healthy recipes. As her tagline reads: Mostly vegan. Usually messy. Totally tasty.

For a  fun blog read, and a way to commiserate when you feel if it weren’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all, visit Megness. She pens “Murphy’s Law…Only Worse“. I love her stories, which as she’ll tell you, are sadly real. 🙂

Recently, Megness introduced her readers to a site that I absolutely fell in love with. “The Blog Guidebook” has fabulous resources for bloggers. And guess what? There’s FREE stuff! Free tutorials, free blog listing, FREE! Check them out, especially if you need bloggy ideas.

One of my New Year’s non-resolutions is to write more. While I’ve done fairly well blogging every day, I haven’t done one other thing I wanted to, participate in The One-Minute Writer. One of my blogging buddies C. Beth posts a writing prompt every day, and you have only 60 seconds to write. I know that I will participate eventually, but I won’t feel guilty for not! 🙂

Finally, like many families, the Diva family is home for the MLK holiday tomorrow. I always thought that closing offices and schools seemed like a cop-out way of celebrating the legacy of Dr. King. In recent years, I’ve seen media coverage on service projects being done in his honor instead. Here’s how some folks in Chicago honored his memory this year.



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