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Lazy Saturday Morning

Not really. Today I have to do my requisite weekend laundry. Two loads of dark, two loads of towels, two loads of whites, one load of red.

And an entire load of baby clothes. Seriously, that child poops SO FREAKING MUCH. I’m pretty sure that the diaper companies are in cahoots with the laundry detergent people. It’s the only logical explanation for the number of blow-out diapers. Poop everywhere.

Have I mentioned he’s primarily breastfed?

And teething?

If you’re a mom, you know exactly what those two facts mean to the, well, consistency of the stuff.

But I digress. This was not intended to be a play-by-play of Little Darth’s bodily functions. It’s a long weekend for me, and I’m looking forward to not having to go to work on Monday. The Tweenager actually has off Tuesday as well, although I’m not sure why. Something about a teacher in-service.

Ohmygranny don’t get me started. For those of you who may be new around here, I was a teacher in a previous lifetime. I taught high school band and choir for five years. I was single and absolutely loved snow days, vacation days, etc. I really actually enjoyed our in-service days, probably because we only had a few. Now that I’m married with children, it seems to me that the teachers have in-service days every freaking month.

I won’t go into my discovery that the school year is now only 175 days instead of 180. That’s a post for another day.

Funny how your perspective changes once you have school-aged kids.

Another plan I have for my Lazy Saturday is to watch the episodes of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles from this past week. Love the fact that I can TiVO my shows and watch them when I have time.

Speaking of television (and internet and land lines), I found someone who can speak way more eloquently about the (insert sarcastic tone here) fabulous company that is my (and so many others, sadly) internet and cable provider. We have Comcast because they are the best of the worst.

I’ll leave you to your lazy Saturday with a wryly funny read from author Stacy Ballis as she details her interactions with the ineptness that is Comcast.




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