Three for Thursday

There are hundreds of different memes out there for bloggers to use. Some are fun, some make you think, some are just plain weird. Memes are wonderful things though, sort of like writing prompts. And if you’re like me, trying to post a blog every day, memes can be your best blogging buddy.

Enter Three for Thursday. A meme of my own creation, there’s no real theme, except three. Creativity will rule Three for Thursday. Three is a number that’s been foremost in my mind since February, when we learned that Little Darth would be joining our family. We didn’t know yet that he would be a he, but I knew for certain there would be three.

A little Dr. Seuss-ish, don’t you agree?

Moving on.

So here, for your consideration, the first Three for Thursday. I don’t have any fancy buttons or links yet, but if you’re a blogger, feel free to join me on Three for Thursday. If I can figure out Mr. Linky, I’ll add him for next week!

Three little pairs of feet for Thursday…

photo credit: Anita Pottinger

There you have it. Three pairs of feet.


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