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Blessed to Work

DH has always been a thoughtful gift-giver. He manages to pick out gifts that, if he’d asked ahead of time if I wanted “x”, I’d’ve said “Not really.” But once I get “x”, I love it.

This year was no exception. For Christmas, he gave me a big digital picture frame for my office (with a two-year “drop it” warranty…he does know me!).

A few nights ago, he uploaded TONS of pictures from over the past years. I returned to work yesterday and set up my picture frame and went on a long walk down memory lane. There were pictures of moments I’d completely forgotten, like when The Manimal was about 15 months old and we gave him a lime.

From the look on his face, you’d think we were trying to poison him.

Or when The Tweenager was our only sweet little babe. It’s amazing how much 10 years and two more kiddos age you!

Or our first family trip to “Dismey”, and we all met Chip and Dale. The Manimal looked a little skeptical of the two ginormous chipmunks.

But Donald Duck? His friend for life!

And pictures of our newest little guy, making memories with his bigs.

Looking at all of the pictures reminded me of how very blessed I am.

And how I probably should do actual WORK in the office instead of staring at the pictures of my family.



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