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Still Kicking

Both the baby and I are still kicking (and waving to Diva Nana). Just been crazy busy. Or as I like to say “Gone Crazy, Back Soon”.

Random tidbits to keep you entertained…

  • Baby #3 is at 29 weeks now. Only 11 weeks to go. I am SO not ready for this.
  • The Manimal is INSISTENT that we are naming the previously aforementioned child “Darth Vader”. Won’t he be shocked?
  • Diva Husband is INSISTENT that we are naming him “Jedi”. Again with the shock.
  • The Tweenager has been at Camp for almost four weeks. He absolutely loves it, and I love that he loves it.
  • I’m not loving that he turned TEN this past Sunday. Ten. He was born a mere 5 days before my 31st birthday. Do the math.
  • Did I mention that my baby turned TEN? As in double digits, fifth grade, only six more years until he’s driving?
  • Oh, wait. In our fair state he can get his learner’s permit at 15. Joy.

So yes, I’m still kicking. Crazily, but still kicking nonetheless. Hope you’re “still kicking” as well!


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