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Erin Go Bragh

I love Ireland. I love reading about Ireland. I love Aran sweaters and celtic crosses. Irish Dancing makes me want to curl my hair into ringlets and put on my dancing shoes. Seeing pictures of Ireland stirs the travel bug in me.

I’m pretty sure I was Irish in another lifetime, but sadly, I have not one drop of Irish blood in my veins in my current lifetime.

Some friends of a friend are finalists for the “Ultimate Job in Ireland”. From the website

“To celebrate the launch of Ireland’s most exciting destination wedding and honeymoon website, The Irish Times have teamed up with Runaway Bride and Groom to find the right candidate to do 6 months of research… researching the most romantic and ultimate wedding and honeymoon venues around the world – with their partner.

We are looking for the right person (and their partner) to research and test out the most romantic and ultimate wedding and honeymoon destinations all over the world and then report back with their verdict (on the place, not the partner!) to their boss, 4,000 miles away.”

The job involves six months of travel and the selected couple will be compensated €20,000 (just over $27,000 USD).

To apply, Greg and Sarah Amidon had to submit an 80 second video telling why they should get the Ultimate Job.

Right now, they are not only in the top ten applicants, and the only Americans to make it that far! They’re still about 2400 votes from the leader, so every little bit helps! Take a minute and vote for them and send your friends to vote as well!

Maybe the luck of the Americans will take them to Ireland!

Vote for Greg & Sarah Amidon!


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