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Shield Your Eyes!

On any given day during a Chicago winter, we’re pretty used to our morning traffic reporting fog delays, snow delays, ice delays, black ice, sleet, sideways snow, and my all-time favorite “wintry mix”.

You get the idea.

So you can imagine our shock and surprise, when this morning, none of those things were being reported. In fact, there are distinct signs that winter MAY be on its way out the door.

Yesterday and today, we’ve experienced temperatures in the FORTIES! And that’s ABOVE ZERO! The Manimal actually played out in the SANDBOX yesterday while SS#1 rode his bike and didn’t have to pretend he was in some new X-Games event, “Extreme Ice Biking”.

And this morning, the traffic reporters in our fair city all commented on a phenomenon that we’ve not experienced in several months. We’re being warned to wear protective lenses. To be on the lookout for a meteorological occurrence that we’ve simply forgotten even existed.

The infamous, somewhat mythical SUN DELAY.


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