6 thoughts on “Post-It Note Tuesday

  1. I'm scared of wordpress. I feel like I finally have a clue about how to do at least some things on blogger. I'd have a nervous breakdown changing, I think.

  2. WordPress is great! It's not that hard with some of the free templates out there too. I hear ya on February. It's zooming by much too quickly!

  3. I actually think Blogger is easier to work with to change stuff. I moved to WP and needed someone to set my page up. I heard it gets easier though… although I love html! lolMarch is way too close. 😦

  4. I'm thinking I might have to do a survey-thingy for bloggers. WordPress vs. Blogger. I co-author a blog on WordPress, but haven't done anything creative with it. Blogger as a platform seems more "user friendly", especially for entry-level bloggers. When it's working properly, it's relatively easy to customize and tweak. Unfortunately, it seems that I have regular issues with that "working properly" part of things! Of course, it may just be me!

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