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The Diva Husband is a great DIY guy. He replaced all of our carpet with bamboo flooring, installed new lighting, ceiling fans and custom audio throughout the house. He builds furniture, paints and landscapes.

But sometimes? I think I married Tim Taylor.

Remember him? “MORE POWER!” was his mantra. Between Tim and three boys, Jill Taylor didn’t stand a chance.

Yesterday, I came home from work to find Diva Husband and the boys outside playing. We have a red Fisher-Price PowerWheels truck that was SS#1’s when he was small, and The Manimal has certainly gotten our money’s worth out of it since then. If you’re not familiar with the PW vehicles, they allow the kids to “drive”, courtesy of a 12 volt battery.

Just enough power to make them feel like they’re really going somewhere, yet slow enough that Mom and Dad can still keep up with them.

Until Tim Taylor took over my husband’s body.

Our cute little red PowerWheels truck?

Two words…



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