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Yes, yes and YES!

Are you…

A mom of one, two or ten?
Pregnant or just had a baby?
Sleep-deprived because of said baby or for any reason whatsoever?

Have you…

Had appliances just go all to heck within days, weeks or months of their purchase?
Had to wait for a repairman? For hours?
Written a nasty-gram to a company regarding their lack of customer-service?

Do you…

Need a good, belly-shaking, snorting carbonated beverages through your nose laugh?
Tweet or at least know what it is and that it has nothing to do with a little yellow bird?
Enjoy happy, break-out-the tissues and have a good cry endings?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, go now and read (or re-read) Dooce.


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