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Where’s Aesop when we need him?

It’s no secret in our family that Sweet Son #1 could win an academy award for his performances is a bit dramatic at times. True to his boyishness, he likes to wrestle with Diva Husband and The Manimal. Unfortunately, he’s usually the one screaming for mercy as The Manimal does his best John Cena impression.

He’s never actually been HURT, as in blood, guts, broken bones or anything like that, but from some of his protestations, you’d assume that he’d just been body-slammed in the MMA fight of the century.

We’ve had multiple chats with him about “The Boy Who Cried Wolf“. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the little guy, he was a shepherd boy who, in his boredom of watching the sheep graze, kept crying “Wolf!”, whereupon the villagers would come running to his aid, causing some excitement in his otherwise dull day. He did this multiple times, until the villagers, getting wise to his ploy, quit coming.

You can guess the ending, can’t you?

Yeah, when he showed up, the wolf had a really tasty lunch.

Anyway, it must be sinking in, that wolf story. SS#1 has toughened up over the past few weeks. He still would rather his little brother not use him as a punching bag or jumping mattress, but the tears flow less often.

Maybe it’s because the old fable’s been on mind so much lately, but it seems to me that at some point, the NFL and media are going to tire of the pseudo-retirement claims of a certain quarterback for the Green Bay Packers New York Jets Minnesota Vikings.

“There’s no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth.”


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