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The Song That Never Ends…

Two weekends ago, The Manimal and I took a quick little road trip to visit some friends in Northern Indiana at the best summer camp in the world, where I spent six of the best summers of my life as a counselor.

The drive is only about 2.5 hours, so I decided to forgo the usual travel babysitter portable DVD player and just bring a few kid-friendly CD’s. I have the Disney “For Our ChildrenCD’s and they were a big hit on the trip.

One of The Manimal’s faves was a tune by children’s artist Peter Alsop called “I Am a Pizza”. Cute little call-and-response song that the kiddos love, even after forty-seven times in a row.

I think it’s the song of the devil a really sweet song as well, and while Charlotte Diamond’s version is a bit different, I’ve included it so you can hear it for the rest of your life enjoy a bit of pizza today.



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