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The Four Seasons

I’m a learner. I generally like to know the whys and wherefores of things. I make lists and files to help me stay organized when accomplishing tasks. I love doing logic problems in those puzzle books. Pro/Con lists to help me make decisions? Yeppers.

Get the idea?

So when I awoke this morning, June 11th, to a forecast of a balmy 67 degrees here in the not-so-sunny-somewhat-Windy City area, I needed a plan to wrap my brain around this question…


Signs that Summer has indeed arrived on the Third Coast:

  • Most schools are out of session.
  • We’ve instituted our Summer Flex Time at work.
  • We’ve had several beautiful 80 degree days.
  • We’ve also had our share of summer thunderstorms.
  • Colleges have begun their Summer 2009 terms.
  • The ice cream truck circulates through our neighborhood every.single.evening.
  • Local swimming pools are open for business.
  • The calendar says it’s June.
  • Stores are stocked up on shorts, t-shirts and swim apparel.
  • Sweet Son #1 has mowed the yard three times already.
  • The local farmers’ corn is 6″ (or so) high.
  • Our first summer conference group has come and gone and we’re expecting our next wave tomorrow.
  • New student orientation for the college class of (gasp) 2013 is taking place.
  • Six Flags Great America is running some serious summer discounts.
  • Ravinia has released their summer schedule.
  • Folks are talking about Taste of Chicago.

Now for the opposing viewpoint…Signs that summer is running a bit late this year:

  • Local swimming pools are open for business, but are pretty much empty, due to rain and unseasonably low temperatures.
  • OK, so perhaps we’ve had VERY few 80 degree days.
  • SS#1 wanted to wear jeans all week to summer camp.
  • Today SS#1 is wearing sweatpants and a fleece to summer camp.
  • We’re more likely to need an umbrella and jacket than sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • The calendar says it’s June 11th.

I do realize that logic would indicate that Summer has indeed arrived.

Clearly, however, logic is out to lunch.

That coupled with the fact that, according to the calendar, Summer doesn’t really arrive until June 21st leads me to conclude that logic is not only out to lunch, but may have moved out of the area entirely.

I know this, because here I sit, at the computer, wearing jeans and a fleece. In June.


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