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I Dreamed a Dream

Did you ever have a dream? I don’t mean one of those where you’re being chased by dinosaurs or where you get to work and everyone is speaking some sort of weird, unintelligible foreign language because they’ve been taken over by aliens.

I mean a real dream. Like writing the Great American Novel, becoming an opera singer or winning the Boston Marathon? Like having a wonderful home full of children, pets and a spouse you love? Like traveling to a foreign country just because?

There’s certainly no shortage print material available that can help you “live your dream”. There are a thousand and one “motivational speakers” that can inspire with their words. You can train for years, pray hard, and work hard. All too often, though, we fall short of the dream for one reason or another.

Very often, we prejudge (or ARE prejudged) based on appearance. Society has its accepted norms for how we should look, especially if we are going to be in the public eye, such as the entertainment industry. Sometimes, talent gets overlooked or doesn’t even have a chance, if the person doesn’t “fit”.

While we all “know” this is wrong, it is, unfortunately, a fact of life.


Enter Susan Boyle, a 47 year old, never-been-kissed, unemployed Briton. Prejudging her based on appearance, she’s certainly not the person you’d figure would sing well. But she had a dream. She’d had some vocal training and wanted to be as famous Elaine Page, often deemed the “First Lady” of British musical theatre.

Then put her in front of three of Britain’s most well-know talent scouts, including the ever-cynical, yet incredibly successful Simon Cowell.

A recipe for humiliation on national television. A disaster waiting to happen.

Watch and learn (can’t embed the video, sorry).

She dreamed a dream.

And the tigers? Blown away.


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