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I Give Up!

So among other, more spiritual sacrifices, for Lent I gave up drinking pop and eating fast food. Anyone who knows me, even slightly, probably knows my affinity for Diet Coke. I’ve been a loyal DC fan since…well…college for sure. Never Diet Pepsi, Diet Rite or any other brand.

I actually took “The Pepsi Challenge” (remember that?) once in college at a mall and guessed it. Coke.

I’m not even a big fan of Coke Zero or Diet Coke with Splenda. Give me the full octane plain old Diet Coke any day. Well, until last week anyway. I’ve not had one in days, and you know what? I’m feeling pretty good. Haven’t craved one at all!

Not completely true. I craved the fizz. The bubbles. The cold.

And I discovered that a cold Pellegrino with lemon does the trick! 🙂

So we’re doing pretty well on that front. I’ve also managed to avoid any fast food for the last week. This was done more in support of Sweet Son #1, who made it his Lenten Sacrifice.

My water consumption is up, my fast food consumption is gone. I’ll be a whole new woman in six weeks! 🙂


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