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Good Day!

I can remember visiting my Wisconsin grandparents when I was a child. For lunch, we would usually have leftovers from dinner the night before, accompanied by homemade pickles and some of the famous Wisconsin cheese (California cows ain’t got nothing on those fabulous Wisconsin dairy-makers!).

During lunch, my grandma would turn on the radio, which would run the local agricultural report, the weather, and Paul Harvey.

Paul Harvey died yesterday at the ripe old age of 90.

His trademark phrases of “Stand by for news!” and “Now you know the rest of the story” punctuate my memory of those lunches with my grandparents. I don’t have too many memories of listening to the radio at home, except for when my dad would listen to ball games out in the garage in the summer, but Paul Harvey will be forever associated with lunches at my grandparents’ home.

My Papa died in 1990 and my Grandma, still very much alive, lives in a senior apartment complex. Paul Harvey’s voice in their kitchen has been silenced for many years, but will always be alive in the ears of America.

Good Day, indeed.


3 thoughts on “Good Day!

  1. Oh, I remember those words about the rest of the story. My grandparents always listened to him in the car. And homemade pickles. My Nano made the bread-n-butter kind. Yum. This was a nice trip into the past, Ellebee. Thanks for the post. And may Paul Harvey rest in peace.

  2. What a great memory, ElleBee! I have great memories of him too. Because I don’t listen to the radio much any more, I hadn’t heard him regularly in years, but it was always a treat when I did catch him. Thanks for such a nice tribute to a guy many of us grew up with.

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