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Java Jive

I love Starbucks.

Yes, I know they’re horribly overpriced, but to me they represent peace. As in, no children, time for myself. Peace. Ah.

Maybe you like them, maybe you don’t, but you’ve gotta admit, even with their recent market downturn, they’re marketing geniuses. Who else could’ve taken a neighborhood coffee shop and made it popular enough that there could be four opportunities in four miles in my little town?

And if you’re faced with stress in the upcoming holiday season, you’re gonna want some sustenance. Who wouldn’t love some of the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate? Or a Tall Peppermint Mocha? Or a fabulous scone or cookie?
It is with those things in mind that I present today’s 300th Post Giveaway…

A $15 Starbucks Card! Yum! If you’re really against Starbucks, I’m sure you can find a stocking to stuff! For today, leave a comment with your fave holiday treat. Linking to your blog gets an additional entry!


5 thoughts on “Java Jive

  1. Oohh … pick me, pretty please!!! My complicated green tea latte order is my sanity on crazy days! A big congrats on your 300th blog post!! How exciting!! I always enjoy checking in!!Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :o)

  2. I’m not a real coffee person but I love hot chocolate (with tons of marshmallows please) but what I really like about Starbucks is the music CDs they put out!My favorite holiday treat has got to be cutout Christmas cookies with icing! Can’t wait to make them this year!

  3. Congrats on your 300th blog. I have to say that my favortie holiday treat is ANY homemade christmas cookie!I must say the only thing I drink from starbucks is the Frappacios!Have a Happy Turkey Day!

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