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Early Christmas Gifts

The Manimal and SS#1 are growing like weeds. Both of them were in need of jeans and some winter tops. Now, I don’t know about you, but even before the economy started to get scary, I hated paying ridiculous prices for kids’ clothes.

Oh, let’s get real. I hate paying ridiculous prices for ANYTHING.
So on my lunch hour today, I ran to our local Goodwill and Once Upon a Child. I hit the jackpot with OUaC, spending $40 on two pair of jeans for each of them, and six long sleeved tops for The Manimal. Frankly, that was even better than I could’ve done at my boys’ playclothes standby, Wal-Mart!
But the real jackpot was what I found at Goodwill. For me. The first was very cool.
Or, warm, as the case may be.
Now, it’s not the exact color scheme, but it’s this sweater from Orvis.

Brand new, it retails for $149. Gently used, I paid $6.99!

Good bargain, huh? But here’s the piece de resistance!

Yes, fellow fruGALs, I found a Coach Station Bag at Goodwill. It too, is gently used, but it’s Coach quality, so a little TLC will make it good as new!

Brand new, it retails for $258. Gently used, I paid $4.99!

Total retail: $470
Bargain price: $11.98

All hail the Bargain Hunting Queen! 🙂 Merry Christmas to me! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Early Christmas Gifts

  1. I LOVE our Local Goodwill….so many bargains to be had and all children/bean clothing is only $1.99 and with the state of the economy i am glad I have the GW as a best friend right now

  2. Now, THAT is awesome!!! I love Goodwill for my kids in particular–haven’t ever found such amazing finds for ME! I like garage sales too, and find consignment shops to be hit-or-miss. You hit the jackpot today!

  3. You go girl!! That’s awesome. I love going to GW and resale shops. You can find the best stuff. I go to a childrens one by my house. I can always find the greatest dresses for my little Pixie!!!

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