Baby Boy

The Bible is filled with stories of Jesus as a man. A grown man. Very few times does it have Him questioning Mary, His mother. Even with my limited scriptural knowledge, I know of no place in the Holy Book where it has him blatantly defying Mary, Joseph or God Himself.

Watching my own boys grow, however, makes me wonder. Did Mary ever have to put Jesus in time out? Did Joseph ever have to take Him to the wood shed to “have a talk”? Was Jesus ever sassy to His mom and dad? Did He ever not do his homework, then lie about it?

Because, seriously? If I’m to believe that Jesus was born an infant and walked the earth for 33 years, I have to assume that He was a pretty normal kid. Even as an adult, He got pretty peeved at the moneychangers and merchants in the temple, flipping over tables, chairs and all that. So I’m pretty sure He was “all boy”.

I’m pretty sure that Mary, in all her virginal calmness got frustrated with her little guy when she was potty training him. I’m certain that when Joseph told Jesus to do His chores, He didn’t always do them without complaining.

And yet, somehow, things turned out alright for the Holy Family.

Something to remember when I’m so frustrated with The Manimal and Sweet Son #1 that I could just spit.


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