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Hi, my name is ElleBee, and I’m a biblioholic.

I admit it, I’m powerless over the written word. My mom taught me to read before I was four, and I haven’t stopped since. I’ll admit, my addiction to books over the years, has resulted in more than a few library fines, and more than a few, ahem, significant purchases at Barnes & Noble and Borders Books. Sadly, my favorite independent bookstore, Books & Co. , was sold to a conglomerate a while back. They still operate under their own name, but it’s just not the same…

Enough reminiscing, though. Now that I’m trying desperately to be more pennywise, the local public library and I are again on a first name basis. I’m also looking for creative ways to secure reading material.

That being said, check out Deena’s site. She’s a book lover, like me, and is GIVING them away! For the entire month of September. Do you know how many books that is? Come on now, you remember the rhyme! Say it with me, “Thirty days hath September…” Yessiree, that’s thirty books in thirty days. Ah, bliss. Check her out every day for a new giveaway!


5 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. I have the gene for books and reading also.There is a great independent bookstore in Winnetka called The Bookstall. They have a website too.(I don’t have anything to gain from mentioning them other than I have grown up around this store).I always have to stop at the book counter in Costco as well.

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