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Sew What?

So I’m innocently going through my morning blog reads and ONCE AGAIN Lisagh has posted some absolutely adorable homesewn creations. Now, I realize these lovelies aren’t HER creations, but Christy’s. Still, I find this enabling behavior completely unacceptable, if only because it’s not just her friends that are crafty with a needle and thread.

If you’ve not visited the Garage and seen Lisagh’s own handiwork, stop reading right now and GO! You can see her embroidery here (FREEHAND, mind you–no pattern. This woman can do EVERYTHING!). An apron here–Hello, June Cleaver calling! A quilted pillow here.


I do consider myself a bit crafty, but sewing–real sewing, not just “let’s reattach a button” sewing–is something that has escaped me. I keep saying that I want to get a machine and learn, but HELLO! Like I have time for this at the moment! Not to mention the fact that I tend to be a bit, well, obsessive with new interests, and, quite frankly, I can’t afford a boatload of new fabric and notions.

In her defense, it’s not just Lisagh that seems to be conspiring here. Recall my post from yesterday, and you’ll see that Randi is in on the gig too! And those amazing homemakers like Anna and Lauren Christine who actually MAKE THEIR OWN CLOTHES! What’s a girl to do?!

I suppose I’ll have to break down and borrow the Mother-In-Law’s sewing machine and let her teach me how to use it.

Because goodness knows I can’t stand up to this peer pressure much longer.


2 thoughts on “Sew What?

  1. Join us! I’m pretty far from making clothes (just having finished my first pillow), but there’s a great community out there to support us when we get in over our heads and our machines run amok!

  2. Hi ElleBee :)I hope you learn how. I really wanted to sew and my hubby bought me a sewing machine. It’s curently in the basement LOLThank you for coming by my blog!rue

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