Thursday Thirteen

I love the idea of “Thursday Thirteen” that I’ve seen on many other blogs. I’m shamelessly stealing this particular idea from fellow blogger, Tommie.

This Thursday Thirteen brought to you by the letter “A”:

1. Attentive is Princess Poopy Puppy’s look each day when I make dinner.

2. Accounting is the class that was the bane of my existence in college.

3. Arts Management Minor is the reason I took the vile class in the first

4. Antigo is the name of the town where I was born.

5. Apple Crumb Pie is my sister-in-law’s baking specialty. It’s soooo tasty!

6. Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite literary characters.

7. Ack! Thirteen is a lot of things!

8. Awesome was the word that most peppered my vocabulary in high
school. Way to be a child of the eighties!

9. Alaska is where my dad was stationed two times during my childhood. Each for a year. Each without the family.

10. An A-Frame Lodge is the main building for one of my favorite
getaways places, Hueston Woods.

11. Amazingly delicious is how I describe Ree’s Olive Cheese Bread. You MUST try this recipe! I mean, it’s so delicious, you’ll want to eat the whole darn loaf.

12. An Air Force Brat was one of my descriptors growing up. Accounts for my respect of and gratitude for the servicemen and servicewomen who choose to serve and protect our country, and the family members who support and wait for them.

13. Amazed is how I feel that I could come up with thirteen A words!


One thought on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I loved Anne of Green Gables!! I was just thinking of all my favorite girly series yesterday ….. the Little House Books, Pippi Longstockings, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle …. but I forgot all about Anne! This whole having a girl thing is getting so exciting!

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