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Warning: Body Function Mentions

The Manimal has a routine.

He wakes up in the morning, I change his diaper. Sometime while I’m getting dressed, he poops. I change said poopy diaper and he’s usually good to go for the day.

The last two days, he’s added an early evening poop. Yesterday, when I said “Manimal, you pooped. I need to change your diaper”, he shook his finger at me with all of the almost-two-ness he could muster and said “NO MOM! You ‘tay dere!” And off he went.

On an unrelated note, C25K is going remarkably well. Anyone else?


4 thoughts on “Warning: Body Function Mentions

  1. I’ve heard that some little boys get rather attached to the contents of their diapers. I don’t get it; I have only cats. Oh well… Have fun!

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