Run, Forrest, Run!

One of my New Year’s Non-Resolutions is to eat healthier and exercise regularly. I’ve never been a runner, but I’ve always had incredible admiration for people who, well, run. I’ve could also do with a bit of the serenity that I’ve heard so many runners feel when they’re “in the zone”.

In that light, I’ve taken on the Couch to 5K training plan that Sasha posted about here. I started today, and, while I’m obviously not seeing any real results or benefits yet, it is pretty cool.

Anyone else want to join me?



5 thoughts on “Run, Forrest, Run!

  1. I so SHOULD join you! I’ve started the same resolution and have stuck with it so far. Oh wait, does it matter that I ate not 1 but 2 pieces of pie this weekend. Ooops.

  2. No worries about the pie, MamaGeek. Come join us and have your pie and eat it too! Go, Ned, Go! Don’t quit! We’ll all be doing 5K’s soon!

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