Making a List…

I finally had to sit down and make a to-do list. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and have forgotten some crucial responsbilities, so I decided I’d better do things Santa’s way: make a list and check it twice!

I’ve managed to cross one thing off the list (there are currently 14 items), as my Christmas cards went in the mail today! Woo-hoo! I do have to apologize to Chloe, as my Christmas card was not anywhere near as creative as hers, but I did enjoy my English Breakfast Tea this morning! Thanks, dearie! Stacy, barring a Christmas postal miracle, it will likely be 2008 before your card arrives–so sorry!

Now it’s on to the pressing matters. Tomorrow is the last day of school/day care before the holidays. I have to figure out what I’m doing for SS#1’s really patient teacher, as well as The Manimal’s fabulous day care provider. I also had the best of intentions about getting my baking done so I could give the before/after school care providers a holiday treat. You know what they say about good intentions

I still have yet to ship my gifts to Texas, which is where we’re headed on the 26th. All I can hope is that the USPS Priority Mail system, which hasn’t failed me yet, continues its good track record when I get those boxes out tomorrow. As a last resort, I can pack all but one gift in my suitcase, but that just opens up a whole other host of worries that I simply don’t need right now. Especially when my middle nephew, Sir Falls-a-Lot, is getting this:

Now, before you say it, I know it’s pink, and yes, Sir Falls-a-Lot is ALL BOY. There is a story, though. (Did you really think I’d bring it up if there weren’t?)

When SFAL was born, he received this soft little Gund elephant as a gift. It quickly became his constant companion. He would suck on the trunk, and stick the little tail in his nose (darling, right?). Well, as any mom will tell you, those little loveys get DIS.GUS.TING. very quickly. When my SIL tried to take the elephant away from SFAL to wash it, he went crazy. So they bought another to stand in during “bath time”.

By this time, SFAL was starting to talk, and the elephant became “Ah-Woo”. The name stuck and now the whole family calls it Ah-Woo. Once, on a family trip to Ohio, Ah-Woo (both of them) got left at home. Another was purchased so SFAL could sleep at night (and the rest of the family could enjoy their vacation). Some time went by and another was purchased to keep in the closet “just in case”.

In the event that you’ve lost count, SFAL is 3 1/2 years old and has FOUR Ah-Woos. They are all in circulation, in varying degrees of cleanliness (or dirtiness, depending on your perspective). The only thing that has really changed is that now SFAL likes to have ALL FOUR to sleep, sit, play, whatever.

Which brings us to Christmas 2007.

When Nana asked SFAL what he wanted for Christmas, he thought for a moment (he’s a very thoughtful kid) and replied “an Ah-Woo”. Silly Nana felt the need to be logical with the little man, and pointed out that he had four already, and wasn’t that enough? SFAL’s response? “No. Five would be enough.”

So Auntie ElleBee will graciously oblige his somewhat odd obsession with Ah-Woo. Of course, I’ve kept this gift a surprise from Brother and SIL as well. I’m sure they will think that SFAL and Auntie ElleBee are both a little odd.



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