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Take Your Dog To Work Day

I work in a fairly small office on campus. We only have four professional staff, all of whom own dogs. So when one of my co-workers suggested that we observe National Take Your Dog to Work Day, our boss thought it was a great idea. We each contributed $10 for the privilege of bringing Princess, Boca, Molly and Morgan to work with us. We then turned around and made a $40 donation to a local no-kill animal shelter, where my Princess and her friend Boca came from.

The dogs had to take awhile to get to know each other, and poor Princess wasn’t terribly impressed. Boca got a bit territorial and nipped at her, so Her Royal Highness spent most of the morning under my desk, growling at anyone who approached my office. I took her home at lunch, because it seemed like she was saying “I’ve had just about enough of this forced socialization, and if you don’t take me home soon, I’m going to pee on your foot!”

At any rate, the pups are totally cute, and I thought you’d all like to see some pictures. Here’s my Princess being calmed and having a cool drink:

And here’s Morgan, Princess and Molly:

And finally, here’s Boca (in Doggie Jail after nipping all three of the other doggies):

Loving the Dog Days of Summer!



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