Princess Poopy Puppy Goes to a Party

Our girl went to her first party.

PetSmart celebrated 20 years and had a birthday party at their stores. Since our vet recommended that Her Royal Highness needed to socialize (she’s a bit of a fraidy-pup), we decided to take her. Here is what she wore:Hard to see, but the top one is hers. It is pink (of course!) and says “Princess”. How cool is that?! I knew I’d become a bona fide dog lover when I HAD to have that collar for my girl!

She was a bit leery at first, not really being too keen on the whole leash thing, but once she realized that she had a bit of freedom in a new place, she was fine. As with all good birthday parties, she got a fun party hat and a goodie bag, and had her picture taken (was not at all thrilled with that!).

Good doggie mommy that I am, I bought her a new leash (pink, of course). While we were waiting in line to check out, a HUGE St. Bernard came in. Now, Princess is no Yorkie, but I have to tell you, she may as well have been 3 lbs instead of 30 in comparison with this giant. He was a friendly sort, but my girl wanted NOTHING to do with him. Too big, too hairy, too everything! She was happier when he left and she could check out her fellow Rottweiler/Chow ahead of us in line!

I promise to find my camera cord soon. This no picture thing is getting boring!



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