Mission Organization

Well, in trying to be positive, I have accomplished one thing toward Laura’s 30 Day Organizational Challenge: I took “before” pictures of my office.

Two things if you count finding the cord for my digital camera. Unfortunately, I now cannot find the charger for said camera, and because the battery is DEAD, I can’t upload the photos.

That aside, I have not done ANYTHING with regards to organizing that room.

However, the inspiration found at Laura’s blog has not gone unused. Last night, while trying to convince Sweet Baby Son to go “night-night”, I tackled the expanding mountain range of clothes that has arisen in my bedroom.

It began with a small pile to be put away on top of the dresser. Then a small pile on the floor of clothes to be taken to the cleaners. Suddenly, I have a grouping of piles that rivals the Rockies.

But no more.

Now, there are two piles of clothes on the floor to be sorted into “trash” and “donate”. And I can, once again, see the top of my dresser.