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Up the Down Staircase

As mentioned before, I have two sons whom I love dearly. Sweet Son #1 was a good baby. He liked to cuddle and played well by himself. He was inquisitive, but not especially brave. He never really liked “tummy time” and consequently was about 10 months old before he crawled, and didn’t walk until 13 months. Sweet Baby Son #2 is also a good baby. Like his brother, he loves to cuddle and plays well by himself. He is inquisitive. That is where the similarities end.

Sweet Baby Son #2 is like the little brown monkey named George. His curiosity has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. He has discovered cabinet doors, television remote controls, his brother’s toys, the Christmas tree, the electric train running beneath the tree, and any number of other items he really shouldn’t be getting into. He crawled at 8 months, and for the past several weeks, has been walking around furniture with surprising agility and balance. He can stand by himself for 30 seconds at a time, and seems to really enjoy this newfound skill, sending mama’s heart into palpitations.

His most recent excursion beyond the barriers sent him up the stairs. This all happened in the blink of an eye, but the gist of the matter is this. He is 10 1/2 months old and he climbs the stairs. Now don’t get me wrong. This was bound to happen. I’m not really even sentimental about it. I’m scared to death.

I had it easy with Sweet Son #1. I fully admit this. All of my mommy friends with multiple children of the same gender have warned me countless times that the personalities are almost NEVER the same. Sweet Baby Son #2’s curiosity and agility are matched only by his stubbornness and temper. He will not be swayed by the annoying big people who keep lifting him from the stairs and putting him back on the other side of the barrier. Did I mention he bites?

I am in SO much trouble.